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Santa Fe, NM 1999-2003

Bio Pic from the early days of my painting

 I’ve been a professional artist and painter since 1981.

 My art background began early in life, as I was infulenced by my Father,  who was a Graphic Designer and artist, in the 1960's. 

I was encouraged to explore all venues of Art-

Visiting museums on the weekends, local art exhibitions and attending "Invitational" art classes as a child. 

I knew then I had to create.

I had a love for color and design, which continues today.

in 1974,  My student art portfolio was awarded an Alternate Scholarship to Bucknell University, presented by "The Pennsylvania Governor's School For The Arts".

I have studied various art forms through the years.

 Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics,  Japanese Sumi painting,  European Faux Finishes and Photography.

I taught Watercolors and Drawing to children, in 'After School' programs.


My collage paintings incorporate specialized  European faux finishes;  Exotic rice papers;  Gold, silver and copper leaf;  Hand crafted embellishments and other organic adornments.  Tactile texture and symbolism go into my Collage paintings.

My mural work and faux finishes have been commissioned by residential and commercial clients.

My canvas paintings have been displayed and sold in numerous galleries across the country. 

 Dallas, Texas;  Santa Fe, New Mexico;  Provincetown, Massachusetts; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

 Including  selective  outdoor venues / shows.

In 1999, "The Dallas-Fort Worth Design Guide"  featured my faux finishes and hand-painted furniture. 

Other publications where my work was featured:  "1,001 Home Ideas" and "The Santa Fe New Mexican" .

My mural work has been commissioned by residential clients, shops & boutiques, hotels,  and "The Parade of Homes" in Dallas, TX and Santa Fe, NM

In the early 2000's, I moved to Santa Fe, NM and opened my own Gallery- "Nushka".

I showed my work at "The Rio Grande" Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, as a new artist.

This gallery featured some of the most profound Southwestern artists-

RC Gorman and many other talenetd artists.

I was selected to be a part of mural painters,  by the iconic Artist -  Sol LeWitt. 

I was part of this team to hand paint his designs at The Dallas-Fort Worth airport, Terminal D. 

This was a daunting experience as the project was 4 stories high.

Today, I am focused on bringing  hand-painted beauty into client's homes and businesses.

Whether you want art that is customized for your decor; a fantasy Portrait; Interior or Exterior wall murals or hand painted furniture...

My focus is to create something Original and Unique for YOU!

Commisioned work is welcomed.

Schedule your complimentary consultation / appointment today